The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) and the Quebec Peat Moss Producers Association (APTHQ) are proud to announce the addition of Marie-Claire LeBlanc to their team as Project and Communication Manager.

Marie-Claire LeBlanc (geographer, M.ATDR) is no stranger to our industry. She worked as a research professional at the Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG) for 10 years, where she coordinated research teams and projects across the country. Among other things, she participated in the long-term monitoring of restored bogs, in fen restoration projects as well as in adapting the restoration methods for the western provinces of Canada.

Through the years, she was involved in the planning and implementation of several restoration projects across the country, developed and led numerous technological transfer training workshops and peatland excursions and co-authored the third edition of the Peatland Restoration Guide. She also participated in numerous industry meetings, international conferences and working groups to promote restoration methods and the latest scientific advances about peatlands and their responsible management.

Within the CSPMA and APTHQ, Marie-Claire LeBlanc will oversee the communication aspects including the development of efficient tools to ensure the proper diffusion of information within and beyond the industry. She will also put in place a platform for the members to access and share information and data. One of her first major projects will be to update industry statistics, an initiative for which all our members will be directly consulted. Updating Industry Social Responsibility Reports, providing support and advice to science projects, promoting the peat industry’s best practices, coordinating restoration demonstration sites committees are also among responsibilities she will take on as Project and Communication Manager. Of course, her expertise in peatland restoration will be used to support members wanting to develop restoration plans and after-use strategies. Marie-Claire LeBlanc will also be in charge of strategic monitoring and help maintain our industry’s position as an international leader in responsible peatland management by ensuring our compliance with provincial, national and international standards.

Just like Stephanie Boudreau, Science Coordinator for the CSPMA and Executive Director of the APTHQ, Marie-Claire LeBlanc will work with both associations. We are certain she will be a valuable addition to our team, and that her expertise in peatland management best practices will bring new perspectives to our industry.