OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, September 23, 2022 – The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA), whose members currently represent approximately 83 per cent of North America’s horticultural peat production, is providing its annual level of harvest for the 2022 season.

A survey of members was conducted on the status of their 2022 Actual Harvest as a percentage of their 2022 Expected Harvest as of August 31 (the season may continue in some regions, weather dependant). The harvest overall varied regionally, but significantly poor weather conditions across all regions meant that harvest, unfortunately, was well below expected levels.

Regional Results:

In Western Canada (Manitoba [MB], Saskatchewan [SK] and Alberta [AB]), all regions were below the targeted volumes (56% in MB; 75% in SK; 81% in AB). In some cases, record breaking rain and floods significantly delayed the harvest season, a situation that extended through much of the summer. The end of summer saw more favorable conditions, but they were insufficient to enable target volumes to be reached. In Manitoba, weather conditions, specifically the spring 2022 flooding, limited harvest and plant operations, constraining capacity. To date, some facilities are continuing to recover from the flood damage.

In New Brunswick, both North and South regions were below expected harvest volumes (65% in NB North, 70% in NB South). Varied weather patterns combined with the late start constrained harvest throughout the Maritimes. The harvest on Québec’s South Shore (73%) and North Shore (61%) were also below expectations. Several summer storms, particularly on the North Shore, did not permit either region to achieve its targeted volumes. Similar weather patterns affected the Ontario (57%) harvest.

South of the border, Minnesota (34%) experienced a lower-than-expected harvest because of unique weather patterns.

As in the past, Canadian horticultural peat producers are committed to working cooperatively with their commercial business partners. CSPMA members continue to harvest and manage horticultural peat in a sustainable and responsible way that delivers social and economic benefits to many communities across North America, all while applying world-leading environmental practices. In addition, Canadian horticultural peat producers are engaged in increasing harvesting capacity through investments in plant infrastructure, harvesting equipment, bog openings, and personnel training, while partnering with Academia to mitigate the environmental footprint. Producers, though the CSPMA, are also working with provincial governments to improve the regulatory environment to ensure the critical resource continues to deliver on the benefits of food security and well-being for generations to come.


2022 Actual Harvest: The volume of cubic feet (CFT) of harvest that was achieved as of August 31, plus, what can reasonably be expected to be harvested for the last few weeks of the season considering « normal » harvesting conditions.

2022 Expected Harvest: The volume of CFT that equates to a) market needs, plus, b) anticipated buffer as at the end of the 2022 season, minus, c) inventory on hand at the start of the 2022 season (what was left of the 2021 buffer).

About the CSPMA

The CSPMA is the Canadian association of horticultural peat producers. The association and its members are devoted to promoting sustainable and responsible management of Canadian peatlands and wise use of the resource. CSPMA provides support to and advocacy for its members and leadership in environmental and social stewardship, as well as economic well-being and food security related to Canadian peatland resource use.


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Asha Hingorani

President, CSPMA