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Lights and insights on the CSPMA’s response to the COVID-19 crisis

Spring 2020 has been a season the entire world will remember. The COVID-19 pandemic did undoubtedly distress every country, every individual, and every industry including ours. Members of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) have been extremely proactive with their response to this new context.

Managing such a crisis has been a real challenge. The CSPMA has been following closely decisions from the different levels of government in order to help its members to react and respond quickly to the latest directives. Our members put everything in place to ensure that all hygiene and social distancing, health and wellness protocols were followed to support the needs of their people. While the battle against coronavirus has still not been won, the Canadian sphagnum peat moss Producers keep working to ensure that their harvesting, processing and manufacturing processes are in total accordance with public health regulations.

The safety of our members’ employees is at stake. In fact, the health and safety of their workers have always been a priority. As the latest results of our social and environmental assessment demonstrate, the whole peat industry is showing proactive even committed behaviours regarding occupational health and safety (OHS).

These new rules and procedures were necessary as our industry has been recognized as an essential service by many agencies both in Canada and the US. Indeed, Canadian sphagnum peat moss production is an essential part of the supply chain supporting food production, particularly in commercial greenhouses and mushroom operations. Maintaining food supplies during this national and international pandemic was, and still is, critical. The CSPMA is proud to take part in this major sector and to contribute in its own way to feeding the North American population.

As we have entered a progressive deconfinement phase, the Canadian sphagnum peat moss Producers would like to offer special thanks. First, we would like to thank governments for recognizing our industry as an essential service so our members can keep producing an essential good for fruits, veggies, herbs and mushroom production. We also want to thank North American growers, the industry suppliers and partners who are also part of this supply chain. Finally, the CSPMA wants to thank its own members and their workers for their successful response and adaptation during this crisis.