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Peat moss in your garden

Gardening is good for…

  • My health:
    • it improves my fitness;
    • it reduces my stress;
    • it increases my level of energy (outdoor activity);
    • it supplies me with quality-guaranteed fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs and aromatics;
    • it stimulates my creativity;
    • it promotes interaction with my friends and neighbours: we share tips, hints, etc.
  • The environment:
    • it produces oxygen;
    • it reduces air pollution;
    • it improves water quality (reduces erosion, slows surface water runoff);
    • it produces plants locally (reduces the number of imported products);
    • it lowers the city temperature.
  • My savings:
    • it increases the value of my house;
    • it encourages outdoor activities at my own home (inviting atmosphere for relaxation and recreation).