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Québec Peat Moss Producers Association

Québec Peat Moss Producers Association

The principal mandates of the Quebec Peat Moss Producers Association are to promote the horticultural peat industry, to represent and defend the interests of its members, to raise awareness of responsible peatland use among producers, and to let the public know about this essential agricultural and horticultural resource that is a component of several frequently-used products.

The Québec Peat Moss Producers Association coordinates the Créneau Tourbe & Agroenvironnement

In 2007, the provincial government and the peat moss industry signed a five-year agreement under the ACCORD program in order to set up a niche of excellence in the Bas-Saint-Laurent that would focus on promoting peat moss and agri-environmental technology.


The Créneau Tourbe & Agroenvironnement niche is both flexible and dynamic, and unites manufacturers, certain departments (such as the Ministère de l’Économie, Sciences et Innovation (MESI), which oversees the ACCORD program), research centres involved in the field and regional development agencies.

The activities of the Créneau niche, which follow an action plan directed at supporting the development of businesses in the area, are carried out by its members through unifying projects.

Industry objectives and areas of development

Peat moss industry and their partners hope that the Peat Moss and agri-environmental technologies industry in the Bas-Saint-Laurent will be recognized, by 2018, as a leader in international markets, in particular for its innovative technologies, sustainable management of resources, wide range of available products, and positive impact on the environment.

Principal areas of development

  • Ensuring the development and diversification of export markets for products and services.
  • Making innovation the driving force behind the peat niche and its related businesses.
  • Initiating or extending continuing improvements in the productivity of businesses.
  • Ensuring conditions that facilitate the development and expansion of businesses, both new and existing.
  • Creating new businesses that will work within the four sub-niches: equipment, horticulture, environment, and sustainable development.
  • Ensuring the reclamation and treatment of waste from peat moss and its components.
  • Ensuring the availability of financial and fiscal leverage at the different stages of a business’s sustainable development.
  • Ensuring the implementation of a technical assistance and innovation network.
  • Providing businesses with pertinent information regarding trends, technology and the markets.
  • Strengthening the research and development teams in the area.
  • Increasing research and development activities related to agri-environmental technology, with a view towards sustainable development.
  • Mobilizing the peat moss industry.
  • Promoting and highlighting the training and career opportunities available in the industry.
  • Improving the industry’s environmental practices.
  • Promoting, especially abroad, the products and environmental practices of the industry.

2013-2018 business objectives

  • Create 500 new jobs within the niche (6% annually) and strengthen the 1,500 existing jobs.
  • Market between 70% and 80% of new products, including technology.
  • Generate $60 million in capital investments
  • Increase the volume of innovative product and services sales by 10% annually.
  • Diversify exports by an order of 30% outside of the U.S.
  • Generate $100 million in investments towards research and development.


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